Got ED? A Low Thyroid Could be to Blame

Several of my male patients have shared with me that they’re having problems in the romance department more frequently.  They experience erectile dysfunction often and are also feeling depressed and fatigued. They wonder if maybe they have a hormone deficiency, or are coming down with a bug or some other condition. I explain that perhaps … Read more

Your Heart And Your Erectile Dysfunction

Some of my over 40 male patients are concerned about whether or not they may have erectile dysfunction. We go over their symptoms (see below) and often times they do have a classic ED picture. However, when I ask these patients if anyone in their family has had heart disease, they’re frequently baffled at what that has to do with their ED? As I explain, though there are other causes of ED, recent research has shown that a man’s heart health can also be directly related to ED symptoms. Here’s why.

Are These Drugs Robbing You Of A Good Time In Bed?

You might not realize it, but many prescription drugs put a damper on your libido or can cause erectile dysfunction. Of course your doctor is not at fault. In his effort to keeping you healthy he might be indirectly killing your sex life! It is important to understand that you should never stop any medication that your doctor prescribes. If these drugs are acting like a cold shower on your sex life I have a few alternatives that might help you.

Diabetes and low testosterone

Several of my male patients who are troubled with low testosterone levels have also been found to have type 2 diabetes. In fact, the two conditions share many of the same symptoms (see more below) like erectile dysfunction and fatigue, which are usually symptoms that bring male patients in to see me. Balancing the two hormones of insulin and testosterone are not only important to a man’s sexual function but also to his overall good health – in fact, his life may even depend on it.

More Frequent Sex And Other Ways To Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

I would find it strange if you haven’t heard about the many erectile dysfunction pills that have hit the marketplace in the last few years. Regardless if it’s Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra they are all making a place on our pharmacy shelves and in our medical cabinets. Just about every male patient in this age … Read more

New Research Calls Watermelon A Natural Viagra

Watermelon is one of Americans’ most-loved summer fruits and a longtime favorite at picnics and cookouts. New research from the Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center at Texas A&M University might make you wish you had filled up on watermelon at your Fourth of July barbecue instead of feasting on chocolate cake. An amino acid found … Read more

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