Part II: The Low Testosterone And Alzheimer’s Connection

In Part I, I told you about the things that can increase a woman’s risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease and, how, women can be more adversely affected.  In Part II, I’d like to talk to you about the health and lifestyle issues that increase a man’s risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease and some surprising conclusions … Read more

Alzheimer’s Disease Part I: Is the Toll On Women Greater?

In this two-part series on Alzheimer disease, I would like to make my readers aware of the different risks that affect women and men.  In part I, I’d like to talk primarily to my female readers about the hormonal and nutritional issues that put women at risk for Alzheimer as well as how the disease … Read more

Is Cooking With Aluminum Pans A Health Risk?

In the last several years, more information has surfaced about the safety of chemicals used to create Teflon (PTFE) and other non-stick surface coated pans.  It was found that with use, scraping food with utensils could cause tiny flecks of these chemical-based surfaces to get into your food.  Even though the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency … Read more

Healthy Aging and Melatonin

Many times my patients will tell me that they have problems sleeping – they either have trouble getting to sleep or they have problems staying asleep. Not surprising, generally around our late 40’s – 50’s we start to become deficient in melatonin, a hormone that regulates our sleep patterns. As we near age 60, melatonin stores decrease even further.

Anti Aging Properties of Super Antioxidant Resveratrol

New discoveries are continuing to increase life expectancy. A hundred years ago, life expectancy was only about 47 years. Today’s 50-something generation plans to live forever. Although their visions of centenarian vitality may be a bit unrealistic, trends toward an energetic, vital and mentally vibrant living well past 100 has become a potential reality for some.

The Coffee Controversy: Health Benefit Or Hazard?

Many of my patients love coffee as I do – the smell, the taste, the pick up it gives, but they frequently ask me if it’s bad for them and if they should cut down on the amount they drink. Perhaps you love your coffee too and are wondering the same thing. You’ll likely be as surprised as my patients are when I tell them that research has shown that several cups of coffee a day have some amazing health benefits! But like most good things, coffee also has a few drawbacks. Let me explain.

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