Raspberry Ketones Help Fat Cells Shrink

In the last couple of months, several of my patients have asked me about using raspberries for weight loss.  It’s true that ‘raspberry ketones’ has been a popular buzz phrase on television and the Internet as a substance that can, reportedly, actually force your fat cells to shrink and help you lose weight. Raspberries have … Read more

The Coffee Controversy: Health Benefit Or Hazard?

Many of my patients love coffee as I do – the smell, the taste, the pick up it gives, but they frequently ask me if it’s bad for them and if they should cut down on the amount they drink. Perhaps you love your coffee too and are wondering the same thing. You’ll likely be as surprised as my patients are when I tell them that research has shown that several cups of coffee a day have some amazing health benefits! But like most good things, coffee also has a few drawbacks. Let me explain.

Acid Reflux: Stop It From Keeping You Awake

When heartburn occurs more than only occasionally, and you find yourself spending many nights awake burping up hot acid into your throat, you may actually have acid reflux disease. It has the same symptoms as common heartburn but it is caused by something more than the occasional dietary lapse. Here’s what I tell my patients about acid reflux.

Not All Heart Disease Risk Factors Get Equal Treatment

Homocysteine is an amino acid that your body uses as part of its metabolism. In a normal, healthy person, the body cleans up any excess homocysteine. But if you don’t have the right nutrients available then your homocysteine levels begin to climb. Doctors use a blood test to measure homocysteine. If your levels get up above nine, then your risk of cardiovascular diseases begins to increase.

Palm Trees Do More Than Shade You From The Sun…Coconut Oil and Palm Oil Are Both Essential To Your Diet

Good Fats…Bad Fats…it can be very confusing to many of us. But despite a growing understanding of fats—what makes a good fat or a bad fat and why your body absolutely needs fat—there are still a number of myths and misunderstandings out there I need to make clear.

Secrets To Increase Your Metabolism

Have you struggled for years to keep your weight in check? Have you noticed extra pounds adding up since you reached middle age? If either scenario applies to you, it is likely that metabolism is playing a major role in your “weighty” issues. Metabolism is simply the process by which the body makes and uses … Read more

Breakfast of Champions

You’ve heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It revs up your metabolism, aids your mental focus and provides a nourishing start so you won’t binge on cookies when three o’clock rolls around. For people like Michael Phelps, the winner of more gold medals than any Olympian ever, breakfast isn’t just important … Read more

What Diets Work For Men?

Losing weight is a challenge. Although equal numbers of my male and female patients come to me to discuss diets, I find there is less information available that is geared specifically toward men. Nearly every magazine aimed at women covers dieting, even if fitness and weight loss is not the main focus. Men, on the … Read more

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