Cracking the Code to Weight Loss Success: Mastering These 2 Elements

Congratulations on embarking on your weight loss journey! Today I want to share two powerful strategies that will give you the winning edge and guide you towards your weight loss goals. Let’s dive in and explore these elements in more detail, empowering you to achieve the success you desire. Weight Loss Success Strategy #1: Embrace … Read more

Get Rid of Excess Skin After Weight Loss

Are you suffering with excess skin after weight loss? Like many of my patients, maybe you have lost weight recently in an effort to boost your health and lower your risk for serious diseases like diabetes and heart disease.  And like my patients, you may not have been prepared for the loose skin that can … Read more

African Mango: Separate the Hype from the Real Pros and Possible Cons

For a while now, many of my patients have asked me about a product called African Mango for weight loss.  They’ve seen it all over the internet, read about it in magazines and heard about it from television talk shows.  It’s touted to significantly reduce body weight, improve cholesterol and blood sugar.  So, I thought … Read more

Save Your Heart: The Key Methods to Keep Your Heart Going Strong

One of the things I frequently hear from patients is, “Dr. Blankstein, what can I do to prevent a heart attack?” They often have the wrong idea that  protecting their heart involves having to learn a lot of complicated nutritional information, follow a low-fat, tasteless, boring diet, perform exhausting exercise and make impractical lifestyle changes.  … Read more

Do You Know The Risks of Expanding Fiber Diet Supplements?

I’ve recently been asked about those expanding fiber diet products many have seen advertised on television and the Internet.  The ads claim they cause you to effortlessly lose weight without changing your diet or exercise routine. I’d like to explain the pros and cons of using some of these products and let you be the … Read more

Is “Frankenwheat” Fueling The Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic?

The FDA’s food pyramid says you should be eating between 6-10 servings of ‘whole grains’ every day.  For many people that translates into several wheat-based products throughout the day like toast or waffles for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, wheat-based croutons on your salad, wheat in soups and other processed foods, etc.  At the same … Read more

Does Your Diet Include The Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods?

The New Year is just beginning and many of you have resolved to make some healthy changes in your life.  Some of you may want to lose a few pounds, or plan to get more exercise, which are both important changes to make. However, you may not be aware that one of the easiest, yet … Read more

For Men Only: Safeguard Your Health These 5 Ways

Okay, guys, this one is just for you.  A new year is right around the corner and you’ve been thinking about all those new directions you want to go in.  Hopefully, getting and staying healthier is one of them.  If so, I’ve got an early holiday gift – make that 5 early gifts – geared … Read more

Astaxanthin: An Antioxidant With Definite “Star” Qualities

Many of my patients are on the lookout for anti-aging news and products that will help them stay younger-looking, stronger and healthier as they age.  Perhaps you, too, are looking for the best anti-aging products and information you can find.  Well, you’ve come to the right place, as anti-aging medicine is my specialty. I’d like … Read more

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