Avoid Fractures as You Get Older – Decrease Stress

As an orthopedist, I see many older people come in with fractures of all types on a daily basis.  Sometimes it’s a matter of osteoporosis caused by mineral deficiencies, or lack of muscle strength that doesn’t stimulate bone growth, but many times it’s a matter of osteoporosis (and fracture) created by stress. Like my patients, … Read more

Can You Minimize Your Risk for Osteoporosis as You Get Older?

If you’re over 40, you may not think much about your risk for osteoporosis as you age. However, around the world, 1 in 3 women, and 1 in 5 men, over 50 will experience osteoporosis in their lifetime.  Even more sobering is the fact that osteoporosis causes a fracture every 3 seconds! That’s right.  But … Read more

Are You Salting Yourself Sick?

Americans love their salt. It’s in all our processed, packaged and restaurant foods, and we add even more of it to our food as we eat it at the table.  Although salt is a necessary nutrient to human health, and a certain amount of it is essential for your good health, you may not know … Read more

Your Teeth Reflect Your Bone Health

Though your teeth are not bones, both are made of similar materials like calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals. As such, when the health of your bones are in question, your teeth can reflect your bone health by the changes it can cause in your teeth.  Here’s how. What Your Teeth Say About Your Bones You … Read more

New Findings On The Calcium Supplement Controversy

If you’ve been taking calcium supplements as prevention against osteoporosis and then quit because of the concerning findings of previous studies – you may not have needed to, says a new Harvard study. In an earlier HealthyAnswers newsletter article [Why You May Want to Stop taking Calcium Supplements, September 2012], I alerted my readers to … Read more

Why You May Want To Stop Taking Calcium Supplements

For years, doctors (including me!) had been telling their patients (especially postmenopausal women over 60 and older men) to take calcium supplements to prevent risks of osteoporosis.  Now, with recent research findings, many doctors are holding off on telling our patients to take calcium supplements.  Perhaps you routinely take calcium supplements as well.  If so, … Read more

Vitamin K2/MK-7: Powerful Vitamin Builds Strong Bones

As you may know by now, I’m always on the lookout for new, all-natural remedies for specific health issues that I can share with my patients and readers.  One of the most exciting new research findings that I’ve come across recently involves the incredible benefits of a little known vitamin – vitamin K2 – and … Read more

The Mineral and The Skeleton

A strong skeleton means a strong body, one that can keep you together and moving the rest of your life (which I wish you a long, healthy and happy one!). What keeps your skeleton strong? There are several things, but generally a plain and simple little mineral called calcium is what gives all the bones of your skeleton strength. Let’s talk, then, about what calcium does for your bones and how you can be assured that you get enough of it so your skeleton stays strong.

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