Get Rid of Excess Skin After Weight Loss

Are you suffering with excess skin after weight loss? Like many of my patients, maybe you have lost weight recently in an effort to boost your health and lower your risk for serious diseases like diabetes and heart disease.  And like my patients, you may not have been prepared for the loose skin that can … Read more

Enjoy the Health Benefits of Squats for Women Today

health benefits of squats for women

Exercise is an important component of medicine. Some of the health benefits of squats for women are that it strengthens your muscles – your heart being one of the most important – burns fat and relieves stress. You also become more resistant to the effects of stress by exercising. Aerobic exercise is good at achieving … Read more

Save Your Heart: The Key Methods to Keep Your Heart Going Strong

One of the things I frequently hear from patients is, “Dr. Blankstein, what can I do to prevent a heart attack?” They often have the wrong idea that  protecting their heart involves having to learn a lot of complicated nutritional information, follow a low-fat, tasteless, boring diet, perform exhausting exercise and make impractical lifestyle changes.  … Read more

For Men Only: Safeguard Your Health These 5 Ways

Okay, guys, this one is just for you.  A new year is right around the corner and you’ve been thinking about all those new directions you want to go in.  Hopefully, getting and staying healthier is one of them.  If so, I’ve got an early holiday gift – make that 5 early gifts – geared … Read more

Keep Your Bones Strong With The Best Exercise

Bones can become weak at any age, but just growing older does put you at higher risk for fractures and/or developing osteoporosis. However, it isn’t a given that you suffer bone loss or weakness as you age. You can continue to have healthy bones long into your golden years if you give them what they … Read more

Task Force Recommends Doctors To Screen Patients For Obesity

I’ve always counseled my patients about the need to keep a healthy weight. It not only makes you look and feel better but it decreases your risk for serious diseases.   Many doctors, though, have shied away from telling their patients that they need to lose weight. Why? For one reason, patients tend to take comments … Read more

How To Handle Job Stress And Stay Healthy

Many of my patients tell me that they are under increased stress at work these days.  Their stress seems to stem from several areas – working longer hours with heavier workloads with little-to-no increase in income.  Because of the current economic conditions, many people are afraid to express their concerns.  They fear losing their job … Read more

Rosacea: Get Rid Of The Redness

Rosacea can have profound social implications. People often think that a rosacea sufferer may even be a heavy drinker as the redness can mimic the same flushed face that frequently accompanies drinking alcohol. Rosacea patients often avoid social outings, or even going to work, as they are so self-conscious. It can be a distressing and embarrassing condition. As I tell my patients, there are several things you can do to both prevent outbreaks of rosacea and minimize its appearance when they do occur. Let me share with you what those things are.

The Facts About Hormone Replacement For Men

Although most of my patients who try natural testosterone enhancement report that those measures have helped, they may not have been enough to boost testosterone levels high enough to relieve their particular symptoms. The same may be true for you, and like my patients, you may now want to try direct testosterone supplementation through your doctor. In order for you to make an informed decision, here are the pros and cons that I explain to my patients about male hormone replacement.

The Mineral and The Skeleton

A strong skeleton means a strong body, one that can keep you together and moving the rest of your life (which I wish you a long, healthy and happy one!). What keeps your skeleton strong? There are several things, but generally a plain and simple little mineral called calcium is what gives all the bones of your skeleton strength. Let’s talk, then, about what calcium does for your bones and how you can be assured that you get enough of it so your skeleton stays strong.

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