Tinea Versicolor: The Multicolor Fungal Skin Rash

Usually I see tinea infections when the weather starts getting hot and humid and people start sweating more.  But if you’re hitting the gym several times a week, or sweating a lot for some other reason, you could get one of the itchiest and uncomfortable rashes around – tinea.  Let me tell you more about … Read more

The Promise Of Youthful Skin With Plant Placenta

Placenta (both human and animal) has been consumed since ancient Egyptian days when soldiers would eat it before going into battle. They claimed it gave them energy and rejuvenated them.  Placenta has also been part of Chinese medicine for centuries, as well, used as a kidney and beauty tonic, and for overall good health. Now, … Read more

Create More Youthful Skin Using Papaya

As a dermatologist, I see many older patients with skin that’s beginning to show its age. They want to know what’s the best skin preparation to help regain a more youthful look.  I tell them that one of the best anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, products is really not one of those expensive products after all. Rather, … Read more

The Incredible Health Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid

You may know that antioxidants are necessary for maintaining good health and staying youthful longer.  They fight free radical damage and oxidative stress – a kind of internal “rusting” – that weakens your DNA and causes you to age faster.  Yet, you may not know much about this particular antioxidant – alpha lipoic acid (ALA) … Read more

Top 10 Vitamins for Healthy Skin

You’ve likely heard the old saying, “beauty’s only skin deep”?  Well, that’s true for cosmetics you may use to affect the way your face looks on a temporary basis.   But, true skin beauty (and youthfulness) is a natural result of skin health and skin health is a sign of overall general health.  It makes sense, … Read more

What Price For Youth And Beauty? A Guide To Anti-Aging Skin Devices

You’ve likely seen the variety of home-use skin devices featured on the shopping networks and on the internet.  They promise amazing, anti-aging, face-lifting, skin resurfacing and skin tightening results.  Maybe you were intrigued and wondered what they’re about. I thought I’d share a little information with you about the different types of devices available so … Read more

Silica: Can It Really Make Your Skin Look Younger?

My patients are always asking me, “Dr. Brachfeld, what can I do to make my skin look younger?” You may be wondering the same thing – especially if you’re over age 40 and starting to see telltale lines around your eyes, corners of your mouth, dull, rough looking skin and a lack of firmness that … Read more

Bacteria And Mites Found To Be Cause Of Rosacea

Many of my patients with rosacea are under the impression that it is a form of acne because rosacea can produce severely inflamed, sebum-filled lesions that resemble acne. It is also characterized by red inflamed cheeks and a bulbous nose giving its’ sufferers the unfortunate reputation of being heavy alcohol drinkers.  Recent research, though, has … Read more

Vitamin D – Your Master Vitamin Is Missing

You may have heard, or read, more recently about the many conditions and diseases that can be associated with Vitamin D deficiency.  In fact, it seems like you are at risk for just about every major illness, including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, if you are deficient in Vitamin D.  With all these findings, I … Read more

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