Hands On/Off Energy Medicine Part II

HEALING WITH ENERGY MEDICINE – PART II In Part I we talked about the type of Energy Medicine that can be scientifically quantified and observed, Veritable Energy Medicine.  In Part II, I’d like to discuss the other main group of Energy Medicine, called Putative Energy Medicine, which uses forces that cannot really be scientifically quantified … Read more

The Mineral and The Skeleton

A strong skeleton means a strong body, one that can keep you together and moving the rest of your life (which I wish you a long, healthy and happy one!). What keeps your skeleton strong? There are several things, but generally a plain and simple little mineral called calcium is what gives all the bones of your skeleton strength. Let’s talk, then, about what calcium does for your bones and how you can be assured that you get enough of it so your skeleton stays strong.

Stop the Stress Assault on Your Body

With the advancement of modern medicine it’s become obvious to the health community that your mental and physical well-being is strongly linked together. The good news is that recognizing this problem is leading to better treatment in dealing with stress. But first I want you to understand what chemical reactions your body goes through when you are under stress.

What Yoga Can Do For Your Joints And Bones

Frequently I hear my patients complain that they feel stiff all over especially in the morning when they first get out of bed. It takes them several moments of stumbling around and/or taking a warm shower before they can finally limber up. When I tell them that there is a form of exercise that can help banish that stiffness and creaky joints, their response is often one of surprise. It’s true, though. That exercise is the ages-old practice of Yoga. Here’s why.

The Role Flexibility Plays In Improving Your Health

Increased flexibility provides you with a number of health benefits. When you are more flexible, you feel better. Your body works better. You are less likely to become injured. You can exercise without discomfort and without getting too sore the next day. Increasing your flexibility through stretching does many good things. It increases your range of motion, so you are able to move with less resistance and with less energy.

The Damaging Effects Of Stress On Your Health!

It may start with tightness in your neck and shoulder muscles. Then your head starts throbbing and before you know it, a tension headache sets in. Stress takes different forms in all of us. It not only manifests itself with physical symptoms, like tight muscles, but mental symptoms too, like being easily irritated or feeling … Read more

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