The Top Eight Nuts For Your Good Health

It’s that holiday time of year again when food and snacks are everywhere.  It’s almost impossible to ignore the lure of snack bowls filled with candies, nuts, and chips, at parties or office get-togethers. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when I tell you that you really don’t have to ignore those snack bowls anymore if you … Read more

Top 10 Vitamins for Healthy Skin

You’ve likely heard the old saying, “beauty’s only skin deep”?  Well, that’s true for cosmetics you may use to affect the way your face looks on a temporary basis.   But, true skin beauty (and youthfulness) is a natural result of skin health and skin health is a sign of overall general health.  It makes sense, … Read more

Supplements – Take Out Some Nutritional Insurance

Like myself, and most of my patients, you probably have insurance policies on many things – your house, your car, your health, and, most importantly, your life.  Why? Because they give you peace of mind.  They cover, and perhaps even prevent, possible problems that might occur that could cost you a fortune to solve – … Read more

Rosacea: Get Rid Of The Redness

Rosacea can have profound social implications. People often think that a rosacea sufferer may even be a heavy drinker as the redness can mimic the same flushed face that frequently accompanies drinking alcohol. Rosacea patients often avoid social outings, or even going to work, as they are so self-conscious. It can be a distressing and embarrassing condition. As I tell my patients, there are several things you can do to both prevent outbreaks of rosacea and minimize its appearance when they do occur. Let me share with you what those things are.

Your Guide To Getting The Most From Your Multivitamin

I had a patient the other day asking why I had recommended a multivitamin to him when research now shows multivitamins cause prostate cancer. He’d heard a report on a study that suggested men who take multivitamins have a higher rate of prostate cancer. This is so far from the truth that it scares me about what people are reading.

Your Body Needs Many Different Antioxidants for Optimum Health

Your body uses antioxidants to clean up free radicals. But to reach everywhere that clean-up is needed, you need some antioxidants that work in a watery environment and others that work in a fatty environment. Also, different free radicals are neutralized best by specific antioxidants. In other words, you need a range of antioxidants to really take care of the free radicals in your body.

Vitamin A is Not as Simple as You Think

When it comes to vitamins, we tend to think in terms of the alphabet. There’s vitamin A and vitamin C. There is a whole array of different B vitamins. Plus…there’s vitamin D and E. Get enough of each of these and you’ve got your bases covered, right?. Not so fast. Some vitamins are more complex than you realize.

Reverse Aging Skin Naturally

One of the most frequent complaints I hear from my older patients is that their skin is making them look older than they feel! It’s true that after age 40 we begin to decline in the amount of certain hormones we individually have and can start to lose skin elasticity and thickness. Fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and sagging can then start to appear.

The Truth About Antioxidants

The word antioxidant has recently become a household word. I remember a time when only health care professionals spoke of antioxidants and their disease preventative qualities. Today you find food labels, magazine articles, and health alerts encouraging people to eat a healthy diet rich in antioxidants. You know they are good for you but why … Read more

Superfoods For Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition that affects nearly 70 million people. Treatment can vary extensively, based on severity, on what type of arthritis you have, and on where it strikes. While individual attention from your doctor is necessary to best manage your unique symptoms, certain Superfoods have entered the marketplace that can offer tremendous relief for … Read more

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