Your Heart: What Predicts And What Lowers Heart Attack Risk

You’ve heard stories about the guy (or gal!) who seemed to be in good health.  He or she exercised frequently, seemed to eat right, didn’t smoke, didn’t drink to excess.  Yet, one day, to everyone’s surprise, that person had a serious, perhaps fatal, heart attack.  You wondered how could that happen to someone who appeared … Read more

Task Force Recommends Doctors To Screen Patients For Obesity

I’ve always counseled my patients about the need to keep a healthy weight. It not only makes you look and feel better but it decreases your risk for serious diseases.   Many doctors, though, have shied away from telling their patients that they need to lose weight. Why? For one reason, patients tend to take comments … Read more

Rheumatoid Arthritis Now Thought Triggered by Obesity

Several of my patients have rheumatoid arthritis.  Most of them also have a little extra poundage than I would like them to have.  Many of them feel that it’s been their aching joints that have kept them from exercising more and so they have gained weight.  However, looking back at their records, in many cases … Read more

Put Out The Fires Of Inflammation And Prevent Disease

Just like you, many of my patients are trying to improve their health by doing proactive things like exercising more and eating healthier.  As I explain to my patients, one of the best things you can do to improve your health immediately and prevent health problems down the road is to put out the fires … Read more

The Facts About Hormone Replacement For Men

Although most of my patients who try natural testosterone enhancement report that those measures have helped, they may not have been enough to boost testosterone levels high enough to relieve their particular symptoms. The same may be true for you, and like my patients, you may now want to try direct testosterone supplementation through your doctor. In order for you to make an informed decision, here are the pros and cons that I explain to my patients about male hormone replacement.

Stop the Stress Assault on Your Body

With the advancement of modern medicine it’s become obvious to the health community that your mental and physical well-being is strongly linked together. The good news is that recognizing this problem is leading to better treatment in dealing with stress. But first I want you to understand what chemical reactions your body goes through when you are under stress.

Choose The Right Kind Of Beef For A Healthy, Tasty Dinner

It’s amazing, isn’t it? How messages stick with us even after they’ve been proven false? I see patients every day that still buy into the low-fat dieting myth. We stop eating many of our favorite foods. Steak, for instance. A low fat diet will take you straight down the path toward weight gain and chronic disease.

Sugar Alternatives: Who Do You Believe?

All these medical warnings will probably not stop many of you from having those sudden urges for sweets. And they shouldn’t! The satisfying of your sweet tooth is a human desire. So here are a few natural substitutes that can serve a healthy and fun way to eat.

Do You Know What’s in Your Favorite Energy Drink?

I do think there’s a time and place when energy drinks can be useful, especially during high exercise moments when you can become extremely dehydrated. But on the flipside these drinks pack in quite a lot of calories with their loaded high fructose corn syrup. Because of that, these drinks are definitely not something I’d put into the “everyday consumption” category. I also think there are better alternatives for a natural energy boost.

Antidepressant Drugs Is Not The Only Answer… I’ve Got Something Else Up My Sleeve!

If I were to ask you what the most-often prescribed drug is in America, what would you say? Would you guess statins to lower cholesterol? Or maybe drugs that control blood pressure?. You’d be wrong. Antidepressant drugs actually top the list.

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